Total Commitment
Genesis Plastics Solutions' reputation is built on the vision of recognizing and surpassing our customers' expectations.
Our skilled professionals have the experience to provide you with ideas and recommendations that satisfy your production needs.
Our designers refine these ideas to produce preliminary drawings for your approval. When you choose Genesis Plastics Solutions, you can put your trust in a staff dedicated to value and service from the first stage of your project to its completion.

Precise Detailing
Polishing is a critical, yet often neglected, phase of moldmaking. Genesis Plastics Solutions’ lead polisher has 27 years of experience.
After the completed mold has been developed through a carefully coordinated process, it goes to one of our tryout presses for sample parts. The parts then go to our inspection department. Our Cordax Coordinate Measuring Machine, with video imaging, coupled with a full array of measuring and inspection equipment and the expertise of our skilled craftsmen, gives you confidence that your parts will meet even the most demanding specifications. Our commitment does not end there; Genesis Plastics Solutions builds tools that will give you years of troublefree use, backed by our commitment of service.