Part Weight Calculation

The weight of the molded part in grams should be entered in this field. This input is used to calculate the material used in the estimate. Three methods of calculation can be used in determining the finished part weight. If a plastics part is available the actual weight in grams should be entered. If an existing part is to be made from an alternate plastics material, conversion of the new materials specific gravity should be considered. The easiest and most accurate method to determine weigh of new molded parts, is to use the mass properties function of the solid model if available. The mass property in cm2 multiplied by the specific gravity of the material to be used, will result in the part weight in grams. Specific gravity of plastics materials can be found in the GEPolymerlands material selector guide linked to this page. Calculating part weight by means of geometrically dissecting to obtain the cubic area of the part, is time consuming and not as accurate, but is a last resort to obtaining part weight.

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